What is CSR365


CSR 365 is the platform that manages all the aspects related to company social responsibility and corporate sustainability.

CSR 365 is based on the GRI and CDP international standards, it allows users to easily and independently manage:

  • corporate social responsibility reporting
  • non-financial reporting
  • company’s environmental reporting
  • energy management reporting.

CSR 365 manages the social and environmental performances, minimizing risks and improving company value.




The reporting and dynamic dashboards within the platform comply with the standards in force, in particular with the economic, environmental and GRI standards, which represent the global best practice in such fields.

Thanks to the flexibility of the reporting engine, it is possible to manage the information by integrating the diverse «dimensions» of sustainability.

It is possible to collect and view the «GRI indicators», to monitor the progress of each process by company, by business unit and by country with a real-time overall view.



Users can access the Web App via desktop or mobile devices. In the home page, they can find the notifications and the tasksto be done, like compiling indicators or information which are useful to edit CSR documents.

In the library, they can view all the materials of the different areas of sustainability. In addition, they can do specific researches on their areas of interest.



We developed a Virtual Compliance Assistant based on a complex Artificial Intelligence Interface which learns from its contents and gives immediate support to its users.

In addition, the (individual or group) chat function on the Web App allows employees to ask the entrusted function for assistance and to share comments on specific topics.


A modular approach to provide solutions that are perfectly adapted
to the context and to the needs of each client.

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